Friday, June 21, 2013

The Return of the Eggplant

A couple of days ago, I made my first eggplant post. Here comes part two of a series of eggplant dishes. This time I made something that can be considered an entree, eggplant pomodoro pasta. The original recipe can be found here (the website is even called 'eating well'. How fitting, right?).

First, a quick overview of pomodoro sauce in general. If you know a the first thing about Italian, you probably know that pomodoro means tomato. This will be a key ingredient in preparing the sauce. Pomodoro sauce usually refers to a light, quick sauce that uses tomato (well, duh), olives, basil and some other stuff.

It did not take long to prepare this recipe. It was a bit of a struggle to cook the pasta on my stove because it can barely heat water. However, I managed to prepare the sauce and keep track of the pasta in parallel. I did not take pictures of the cooking process this time because I was mostly taking care of things like chopping this or measuring that or heating this, etc. However, this is a picture of the final product.

I put the parsley in the end, at the top. Only pros do that kinda thing. It's some super advanced cooking. 

I definitely made too much (I still managed to eat it all though). You should cook about 1 cup of pasta per person, and try to stick to the proportions of the original recipe.

Next on my list of eggplant ideas is breaded eggplant, which I love. However, I think I'll be posting less regularly from now on (certainly not during the weekends). I can't buy random ingredients all the time, so I need to sort of figure what I can do with what I have. And I don't have all that much.

Until the next post!

EDIT: This was lunch, not dinner. I was alone in my place for lunch so cooked for one. Other than that one brunch time, I haven't cooked with other people, really.

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