Monday, June 24, 2013

The Eggplant Ultimatum

All good things come in threes. So now I present you the last part of my eggplant trilogy: the parmesan breaded eggplant.

This was a rather complicated recipe because I was not aware of how to do breaded things. The recipes that I found online all seemed super different from what I expected. They all mentioned this weird things called bread crumbs. I had no idea what bread crumbs are, where they were sold, how to get them and why I would need them.

But on my biweekly (as in twice a week) supermarket run I ran across a bag labelled "golden bread crumbs" (or something along these lines).

As soon as I got back, I stared cooking this recipe. It is fairly easy to follow. The parmesan looks really cool. Also, it will get messy so don't even try keeping your hands clean. This is what the eggplant looked like after the entire process:
This is what the eggplant looks like 
 You should fry until it looks golden, like the recipe suggests. I added an extra slice of cheese on top and fried it with the eggplant too. It looks awesome.

That's a lot of eggplant!
I added some marinara sauce and (the mandatory) parsley. It was a great meal. As usual, hummus and salad on the side. The salad was actually too much and I had to pack some of it for tomorrow. But this was a great meal, very fulfilling and entertaining to prepare.

I could not finish all that. But it was delicious. The marinara sauce makes a huge difference.
So that is the end of my eggplant period. Looking back, all three recipes were good, easy and cheap. I would say this last one was the best. I will probably be remaking some of these recipes until I ran out of eggplant. If there are any important updates to any of them, I'll edit the original posts.

I haven't made many meat recipes yet, mainly because I haven't bought any meat. DON'T THINK THAT I AM BECOMING VEGETARIAN. I will eat meat (or chicken, actually) sometime tomorrow, hopefully for dinner. 

Until the next post!

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