Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Eggplant Begins

This is the first (of hopefully many) eggplant recipes in this blog. I haven't really been feeling super hungry at nights, so most of the dishes that I've cooked (including this one) are either side dishes or appetizers. Nonetheless, they are delicious and, with the right serving size, very satisfying. 

As I may have mentioned multiple times by now eggplants (hatzilim, in hebrew) are awesome in this country. From the places around the world that I've been to, I feel like Mediterranean cuisine is the one that integrates eggplants the most. In Israel it is probably something that people (at least I do) eat it on a regular basis. 

This following recipe is super simple. The original version can be found here. However, I made some changes since this is a one-person supper. First, I did only half of it. So, anything you see you should divide by half. I also just used a pan instead of a grill, due to the lack of stuff in my kitchen. Also, I suck at measuring things (who knows what 1/4 of an inch is anyways), so I may have sliced the eggplant too thick. Finally, I added some parsley to the eggplant. It was a great decision and it enhanced the taste of the dish. 

The servings are small so you should make 3-4 if you're having it as a main dish. You sort of can't tell, but now I got my actual camera to work again, so ha! No more bad pictures.

I chopped up some lettuce and used some extra tomatoes for a quick salad. As always, pita and hummus on the side. 
Gradually I'm trying to elevate the complexity (such a computer science term, ugh) of the recipes that I do. It's like training wheels for bicycles. I need to get some confidence before I go about doing tiramisu. 

Until the next post! 

P.S.: I might even re-do this dish sometime later this week. It's really good and I love eggplant. Maybe I should use more/thicker cheese. 


  1. I have eggplants at home, and I love them! , So I'll try this recipe this week.
    What kind of cheese did you use? mozzarella or parmesan.

  2. Use un queso de sandwich que tenia, por falta de algo mejor. Recomendaria que uses mozarella, o algo que se pueda cortar en rodajas mas gordas (porque lo que yo use eran tiras finas). Es algo que recomendaria que prueben el sabado con los demas quesos y aceitunas, asi le podes poner tambien un poco de roquefort of algo asi.