Monday, June 10, 2013

A Simple Israeli Dinner

After a quick shopping trip, I got some basic supplies: milk, eggs, bread, cereal and so on. I hadn't really gotten much, but I got enough to get a taste of Israel. I prepared some israeli salad, which is extremely simple, healthy and delicious. I am not sure if people in Israel refer to it as israeli salad, but it is the name most people use in the US.

There are slight variations of the ingredients, but the basic idea is as follows. Just cut some tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and scallions into small slices. Put them all together, mix them around and refrigerate. This is a dish that is best served cold, at least in the summer. I felt very refreshed as I was eating it. 

While I was washing and slicing the vegetables, I warmed up a piece of pita bread to eat with some hummus (that I did not make - I plan to make my own hummus eventually, but I would need more time). So there it is, the cold salad and the warm bread: a delicious combination for a hot summer night.

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