Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Surprise

My passion for baking has taken me to make banana bread, a recipe that I am very familiar and comfortable with since I do it regularly in Boston. I will not share the recipe with you this time, since its a secret recipe that I am not allowed to talk about. I can only tell you it uses bananas. That's why it's banana bread.

In contrast to Boston, here I lack a lot of nice things that would make baking much easier. Nonetheless, here is the banana bread:

This is what the bread looked like after one hour of baking in our modest toaster oven. 
I haven't tried it yet because it is a surprise for a friend's birthday party. I'll edit this post later in order to update on the taste, but last night it smelled pretty great.

EDIT: It was pretty delicious. If I had told you the recipe, I would give some useful input here on how to make it better. 

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