Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I finally made cookies today for the first time in about a month (basically, since I left Boston for Israel). It makes me so happy to make cookies. They came out great, yes. 

So my sister has been reading my blog and I decided to come to her apartment today for a live demonstration. She happens to live in a city near Rehovot. Also, she has an actual oven where I can bake things (as opposed to the miserable toaster oven back in Rehovot). She got all the (correct) ingredients and helped me bake the cookies. 

The recipe that I've been using all this time (for those of you who've had my cookies before) is here. The difference in quality comes mainly from the quality of the sugar, the butter and the chocolate chips. My sister decided to get dark chocolate, which I love. 

Some things to watch out with the recipe: make sure that you chop the butter into small pieces so that its easy to mix with the sugars. Also, and this surprised my sister a bit, you have to take the cookies out of the oven before they get brown. Like, at most leave them for a minute or two more than what the recipe says. Then let them cool down for at least two minutes or so. Then enjoy deliciousness. 

Some pictures, for the non-believers: 

Plenty cookies were made. 

Some got a bit stuck. You should spray some oil or something to prevent this.

So, I know what you are all thinking there behind your screens. What happened with the whole eating well and healthy? To be honest, I think that cooking is about enjoying and sharing, and eating well is about being happy with what you eat. I am not going to eat all of these by myself (my friends in Rehovot would kill me if the saw the post and didn't get cookies).

Ultimately, I think that cooking is very filling: both in spirit and in stomach!

So, here's to cookies.

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