Thursday, July 25, 2013

Olive Tomato Sauce

This is a spin-off from the last post, where I made basil (read: parsley) tomato sauce. This time I felt like having olives in my pasta. So, I literally googled 'olive tomato sauce' and came across this recipe.

I did not compare it to the last recipe, but my guess is that it is not that much different. The addition of onions was good. The olives themselves were great because olives in this country are just awesome. I even grated some cheese that I had. Unfortunately, I didn't have Parmesan, and grating a single slice of cheese is kinda hard. However, again, it worked out just fine. 
I concentrated all of the sauce in the center for artistic purposes.
I still have some crushed tomatoes, but am quite unsure of what to make. I'm considering bologense sauce, but that would require me to get ground meat.

I also made cookies later that day. I finally got the hang of how my stupid toaster oven works. They came out fantastic, perfect timing and all.
This is just one of many batches of cookies that I made. The people living in my dorm certainly appreciated them.
Until the next post!

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