Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shakshouka reloaded

A couple of weeks ago (weeks? wow), I posted about shakshouka. That time I used actual tomatoes to prepare this dish. Now, if I had a working stove, the tomatoes would have broken down and the shakshouka would have been saucier. This was not the case and the recipe came a bit more solid than expected.

This week I looked for recipes that used crushed tomatoes instead. Given the benefits I discovered from using crushed tomatoes over tomatoes to make pasta sauce, I figured the same would happen with shakshouka. The result: a much more shakshouka looking shakshouka. The recipe is here. I would like to highlight an interesting comment in the recipe. As you're cooking the egg, you should try to get the egg white to mix up a bit with the tomato sauce. This makes the dish more solid as well.

Saucier shakshouka.
Also, the pan I used last time was bigger. This time I was making shakshouka for 1, so I used a smaller pan.

I think this marks the end of the whole crushed tomatoes chapter.

Until the next post.

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