Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pasta Carbonara

As you may have noticed, pasta and veggie recipes are amongst my usual dinning options. Tired of the three pasta  recipes that I've done multiple times in the last couple of weeks, I decided to try something new.

So I googled 'spaghetti eggs' or something along those lines. I was trying to make something like Chinese rice but with pasta. Eventually, I came across this recipe. Pasta carbonara is pretty easy to make, takes close to no time and comes out great.
That was one hell of a meal.

Here are some pointers based on my experience:
  • don't make too much pasta. I made a lot, and it was way too much food. 
  • make sure that you don't overcook the eggs. This almost happened to me. 
  • throw in some olives there, too. Why not? 
  • don't hurl the butter at the frying pan. It will spit hot oil at your hands. This happened to me.
I sprinkled the dish with some fresh parmesan I got at the supermarket. Again, that's a super advanced pro chef move.
 I also made pancakes this morning, just because.
Yes, I wear socks and sandals. I know. That's extremely lame.

Until the next post! 

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